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Shoreline High School


340  NE 185th
Shoreline, WA 98133







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approximately 1,600 (in 1969)


(206) 555-1212


Blue and Gold.





Shoreline High School was a public high school in the Shoreline School District in Shoreline, Washington. Shoreline High School was a large, single story school with open hallways and an open campus. After closing in 1986, the school was converted to the central office for the entire district. The Shoreline Mascot was the Spartan and the colors were Blue and Gold when not obscured by mud.



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Building history

Shoreline High School, built in 1950, was a large high school that spanned 5 city blocks. Shoreline had nine single floor buildings with open corridors outside and some interior corridors. Including the shop which was torched in the original expression of the now-popular concept of the  burning man  event. (However, sources disagree. Some believe it was an electronics shop 'smoke test' gone horribly wrong.) Shoreline High also included Shoreline Stadium which is still used for keggers.


Shoreline High School had approximately 1,623.5 students in grades tenth through twelfth. (Some students were only 'half there'.) Shoreline accepted only the best students in the world. Lesser students were asked to attend other high schools in the district.


As of 2009, there are 0 full and part time faculty members at Shoreline High School due to the school closing 23 years earlier. However, Mr. Kurkowski may still occasionally be heard roaming the halls, calling ‘Silence!’ and occasionally calling his namesake Captain Kirk on his cell phone-shaped chrome cigarette holder. The only reply heard is the mathematics teacher Mr. Sherwood (a.k.a. 'Cactus Jack') saying 'Alright, quiet down you smart-butts!'.


Notable alumni

Since all the students were notable, there are too many to list here. Besides, a really great school doesn’t need to brag about its students.

External links

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    • Official Site for Class of 1969 (40-year Reunion) 29 August 2009

§                     Shoreline School District official site


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