Stereo Imagery

by Richard Grotjahn

This File Under Construction

Last updated: 22 February 2013

Welcome to my stereo page. I hope you enjoy the images displayed here and find the discussion of how to view stereo helpful. Please note that all the images presented here are copyrighted to me, Richard Grotjahn.

This file is divided into two parts. In the first part are some examples of "relaxed eye" stereo pairs. (i.e. you do not cross your eyes). This is followed by links to pages with more examples. The background and some other non-essential aesthetic items were designed to be viewed using Netscape viewers. However, the stereo effect should be apparent on other viewers. One detail may be to ensure that your window is wide enough to see the images side-by-side.

Stereo pairs can be made from "movies" if the object is panned across the screen. To illustrate the idea, I have also included a link to my "Snappy" stereo images (made from ordinary video output). I recognize that these images are poor quality; the intention is to illustrate the concept.

This is followed by a tutorial that includes: tips on making stereo images using computer graphics or by using a regular camera. Also presented are tips on projecting the images. Finally, I have a tutorial on seeing the stereo effect without a viewer.

These stereo pages are also available as a mirror site located in Italy. This site is courtesy of Paolo Mattesu.

  • Examples of Stereos
  • The images here are grouped in pairs that should be displayed side by side. If your viewer has placed one image above the other, try making the window of your browser a little wider so that each pair is displayed side by side. I have used small sizes to facilitate the side-by-side viewing as well as to keep the total file size manageable. However, some images reproduce better using small size than to others.

  • Frontal Zones

  • Cloud Photos
  • Stereo images of cumuls congestus along a cumulus street (Sweden):

    Images of cap cloud (Mt Hood, US):

    Rotor cloud created in lee side upslope of mountain (New Zealand):

  • Unusual Effects
  • Stereo of a reflection in a lake (New Zealand):