ATM 112
Weather Forecasting Practice

Satellite overlays: SLP & IR on left, 500 hPA & IR on right.
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Hurricane Floyd, 12 GMT 14 September 1999

(2 credits, P/NP)
CRN: 69907
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Initial meeting is a planning meeting: 1 October, 4:40 pm, rm 124 Hoagland. If you are interested, please attend! At this meeting we intend to find a schedule that avoids scheduling conflicts with other courses.
We shall also discuss the course duties, assign tasks if possible, and gear up to make our first forecast on Thursday.

Course Summary:

This course provides experience making and verifying weather forecasts. ATM 110 is the only prerequesite.

Course Goals:

  1. To gain practical experience combining weather maps, models, and theory.
  2. To gain experience in how to interpret imperfect guidance.
  3. To gain familiarity with tools available to weather forecasters.
  4. To understand the atmosphere a bit better


Prof. R. Grotjahn


Course meeting times & location:

Initial meeting is a planning meeting: 1 October, 4:40 pm, rm 124 Hoagland.

Course Description:

Please see the instructor or check out the following web page for more details about the course procedures .


Printed Materials:

Textbook used: None

Photocopied materials in the bookstore (see links below):

Grading Policies

grading: P/NP. A passing grade is based on completion of the tasks. These tasks include the web page preparation and the oral presentations. Failure to meet a responsibility may lead to a No Pass grade. The forecasts themselves are not graded.