ATM 150
Introduction to Computer Methods

Page Last modified: 24 September 2012

ATM150 will be offered fall quarter 2012.
Topics for Fall 2012 offering are under development but will mainly be drawn from the last offering.
This course may be the only introduction to Fortran available on the UC Davis campus.
The class meeting times are:

Lectures: 1:10-2:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Lab/discussion: 2:40-3:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.
All class meetings are in room 124 Hoagland

Questions? Contact me at: grotjahn 'at'

General Course Information:

  • Miscellaneous Programming Aides:

  • Programming Tips: (First Lab/Disc Period)

    Web pages related to formal lectures:


    Web page related to computer exercises:

    Do you have any questions .
    If so, then we encourage you to contact:

    the instructor:

    Prof. R. Grotjahn

    (Yes, that is a "real" satellite image.)

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