Pictures from my April 2000 tour of Chile

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Parque Nacional El Morado (90 km from Santiago)

A 6 km hike in the Andes.

Accompanied by Roland & Aggie Madden, Ian Simmonds & his friend.


Views from St. Lucia hill park...

Those are the Andes barely visible in the photo on the right.

Punta Arenas

Statue in the small city square of Punta Arenas...

It is said that if you kiss the "Indian's toe" you will return someday to Punta Arenas... It is that very shiny item that the woman with the tan sweater and blue jean is contemplating. Needless to say, when I approached it... well, it is needless to say...

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (300 km N of Punta Arenas)

A long day trip from Puerto Natales by gravel road lies this Patagonian world heritage site. As the guidebooks say, it is not if you will go here, but how and when...

Animals in the Torres del Paine parque...

Emu-like birds, cat-sized foxes, herds of guanacos. Not to mention, condors, cara-caras, parrots, etc.

Mountains rise 11,000 feet above the surrounding large lakes...

Pargue Nacional Bernardo O'Higgins

Travel up the fiord from Puerto Natales...

Since the weather is constantly changing, there are rainbows:

The Lake District

A glimpse of Puerto Montt,

with large volcanos and lakes in the background, the Pacific Ocean in the right foreground, and Alerce Andino parque in the right background.

Along the Camino Austral "road".... that is to say, a 1-lane gravel road ...

Parque Nacional Alerce Andino

On the way to see the closest "Chilean redwood" to any road (3+ km) and that road was, well, more than a match for my rental car.

Parque Nacional La Campana (WNW of Santiago)

Famous for its Chilean wine palm stands. Rugged peaks reminiscent of the California big sur mountains.

(Note: the last picture is very large)

How about a stereo cactus?

For more stereos (mainly of clouds over the Andes, including the Paine mountains) please go to my Chile-trip weather page

Meteorological Station

Discovered at the Jandin Botannico Nacional...
Check out the anemometer! (enlarged at right) Accurate to within 100 kph, maybe even better!

Suggestion: please do not drink the water... in the evaporation (?) pan.
Question: does algae growth increase or decrease the estimated evaporation?


A bit of Acupulco in Chile... The seaside resort town of Renaka just north of Vina del Mar (which adjoins Valparaiso).

And we end with the (trite) sunset....

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