Pictures from my August 2012 visit to Yunan Province, China

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Workshop photos (Kunming)

A view of the outside of the venue. And, a photo of our leader Ms. Zheng (Jenny) Lin. Apologies that the quality of my photo does not even come close to matching the high quality of her work setting up the workshop and herding us 'cats'...

Kunming photos

street vendor (Rambutans) with hand scale. Lotus lake in city park.

Local tour photos

Western Hills cable car and walk.

A general map of the area
Gondola ride, looking towards the cliff-side destination.

Various gates along cliff edge. An early gate

... and the dragon gate.

Stereo view (left eye, right eye, left eye) of another gate.
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Stone Forest.

A general map of the area

Various scenes along the trail.

Damsel fly showing the texture of the stone

Stereo views (left eye, right eye, left eye). Make browser wide enough to fit all 3 images on the same line.

A panorama ...

... and the crowd at the tower where that panorama was taken. Finally, the famous legendary 'girl looking away' stone.

Farming in every small space!

Extended tour photos (Shangri-La, Lijiang, and points between)


The tour group and guide (with 2 passersby) and our guide, Tashi Lhamo, in action.

Shimmering Shangri-La. (and bottled oxygen for sale)

Airport, bottled oxygen for sale, and a newly-constructed Tibetan home.

Lamasery views, including the largest known prayer-wheel.

Stereo view of a typical shrine, located in the old town.

Pudacuo National Park

Park map

Shudu lake.

Sublime Bita Lake images.

Various bog flowers in the park.

Various views of 'sacred flower'.

On the road from Shangri-La to Tiger Leaping Gorge (of Yangtze)

Shudu valley overlook


Tiger leaping gorge area (Yang Tze River)
Panorama of sign and river, gorge to the left...

Stereo looking up 11,000 feet to a peak.

Powerful water in the narrows!

Powerful water in the narrows!

On the road from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang

Between first bend of Yangtze above tiger leaping gorge, local produce

Yangtze first bend (left) and downstream

Yangtze River valley from hillside lamasery

Lijiang street scenes

Lijiang old town streets, festival pyre, etc.

Common tricycle mini-pickup, sign to old town Lijiang

Our hotel, street signs in 4 languages

museum courtyard, a back-packing chicken

Stereo view of pagoda

Old town Shuhe scenes

Stereo scene in Shuhe

On the road to visit Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain panorama

Snow mountain map and guide ('Jon' aka Tianjian Zhou)

Stereo view of snow mountain from the plain

After a bus ride, then gondola ride, then a short hike up stairs...
At end of stairs ... a bored falcon and...

a beautiful glacier view at >15,000 feet.

Stereo view of snow mountain glacier

Look at these friendly people! Wait... What?!? Hey!

Perhaps 'unofficial guide' Wenling needs to go back to 'guide school'?

Various stops on the way back to Lijiang:
Part of the Lijiang cultural show

Dongba garden

Old Jade Water Village

Temple gate, example of mural (this one about humans in nature)

Temple bell, balcony

View of valley (Lijiang far to right) from temple balcony

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