Richard Grotjahn

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Welcome to my personal page.

  • Short Biography
  • I farm, therefore I must work (to pay the bills).

    I work, therefore I must eat (to keep up my energy).

    I eat, therefore I must farm (to afford healthy food).


    well actually, all the bloody work on the farm makes me hungry and my academic work gives my body a rest! So, maybe the farm is driving everything else.... :-)

    Ok, a serious summary.

    I was born in Seattle more than 40 years ago. I attended the University of Washington, receiving a B.S. in Atmospheric Science a couple decades later. After that, I went to Florida State University to find some sunshine (and to complete M.S. and Ph. D. degrees). I postdoc'd at NCAR for two years, then at CIRES for 6 months before moving to Davis in January 1982. I have had two sabbaticals: I spent a year in Melbourne Australia. More recently I spent 7 intensive months at NCAR.

    My scientific work has been roughly 55% theoretical dynamics, 35% synoptics, and 10% numerical weather prediction. I choose to include all three areas since I seek a complete understanding of whatever problem I am studying. There is also the matter that we have no `synoptic' expert, withwhom I could collaborate, here at UCD. My areas of focus are frontal cyclones and the atmosphere's global circulations. I teach computer methods, general circulation, weather forecasting, advanced dynamics, and other subjects as needed by the group.

    Rich Fields Farm

    established 14 July 1993

    Information about the farm can be found here.

    Beyond my regular faculty duties, I own a small farm 4 miles from Davis. Farm operations are split between me and my wife. We joke that we have an organic operation 6 days per week. Our main crop is pistachios. We also grow many types of fruits from all regions of the globe, several types of vegetables, other nut crops, and flowers (both cutting and drying types). elsewhere is a list of crops we are growing or trying to grow. The farm seems to require constant repairs. This can sometimes be rewarding, sometimes frustrating, and always varying. I enjoy planting, growing, and (especially) harvesting. I don't enjoy the pests or the world's toughest weeds.

    Before starting the farm, I had other hobbies. At one time I won awards as a classical pianist. I used to bicycle a lot. I still squeeze in time for hiking and backpacking. I used to exhibit my photographs. Mostly I now do a lot of stereo photography and panoramics. I dabble in time lapse videography. Gardening used to be a hobby; but now it is a profession.

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