ATM 111
Weather Analysis and Prediction

Page Last modified: 9 January 2017

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    Review sheets for subject groups in lecture:

    Weekly labwork information:

    Please Note: always do your own work! These lab projects are not to be collaborative exercises.

    Term Project information:

    The term project for this year is to generate "gif" animations from weather maps. Short, test examples are:
    large format original format
    small format 80% of the original format

    Here is A simplified guide to creating the .gif animation from the input list of .gif files using Animation Shop.

    Here are: the 1999, 2000, & 2002 student animations

    California Floods:

    New Year's Storm of 1997 (under construction)
    Some information compiled by COMET is displayed here.

    2017 floods

    COMET Modules

    Some information compiled by COMET is displayed here.
    The general COMET entry point is: HERE Click on the "MetEd" link.

    Do you have any questions about frontal cyclones .
    (Yes, that is a "real" satellite image.)
    Then we encourage you to contact:


    Instructor: Prof. R. Grotjahn

    Teaching assistant:

    Just for fun...

    What is wrong with this picture? (Hint: look at the front type...)

    Overlay of SatIR and 500 hPa.

    Corresponding SatIR and SLP.

    Greek and math symbol jpegs