Arctic Surface Climate Simulation Bias Project: Selected Documents

Ln(surface pressure) Bias

Bias in natural log of surface pressure

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Purpose of this site:

This site is intended to accumulate materials that foster communications about our study of Arctic surface climate simulation bias. We are particularly interested in the bias found in the NCAR community climate models.

We are grateful that the project is funded by NSF through grant ATM 0354545.

Participants in the work include:
Principal Investigator: R. Grotjahn
Past or present support of graduate students: E. Hanrahan, M. Osman, E. Tan
Past or present postdoctoral scholar: L. Pan
Senior scientific advisors: G. Branstator, B. Briegleb, J. Tribbia

In-Progress Summary Documents:

Conference and Workshop Presentations:


Includes all publications, including those partially supported by our NSF grant

Publications in progress:

Links to Data Files Webpages:

    1. Created October 2007, this link is a directory of bias and forcing fields from the Branstator SWM. Resolution of most is R12 10 levels. Files are in .nc format to facilitate use with plotting software such as IDV, NCL, GRaDS, and Ferret. This address also includes plots of bias and forcing at the 5 levels in cylindrical equidistant (global) and N.Polar stereographic horizontal projections. The same information is also given on zonal and meridional cross sections.

    2. This is the former link from January 2007.

    1. 2004-2005 (.06 Mb pdf file) Annual Report to NSF (April 2005)
    2. 2005-2006 (.5 Mb pdf file) Annual Report to NSF (April 2006)
    3. 2006-2007 (2.9 Mb pdf file) Annual Report to NSF (March 2007)
    4. 2007-2008 (3.7 Mb pdf file) Annual Report to NSF (March 2008)
    5. 2008-2009 (12.6 Mb pdf file) Annual Report to NSF (June 2009)

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