water vapor channel, standard IR, and visible images show several aspects of the general circulation.

ATM 240: Global Atmospheric Circulations

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Welcome to Global Atmospheric Circulations, a course on the general circulation of the atmosphere taught by Professor Richard Grotjahn at UC Davis. Please select topics from the menu below:

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Please also check out the special issue of Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (DAO) on the Atmosphere's General Circulation .

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Course information for Winter 2000, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2019:

I. Course Administration matters:

II. Web products for course lectures:

III. Book web pages:

  1. Course Textbook: Global Atmospheric Circulations, by R. Grotjahn, Oxford Univ. Press, 1993
      The book has an extensive errata that I strongly encourage people to consult. This document is more than an errata, it includes new material that significantly upgrades the presentation of several sections of the book. The errata & upgrade is offered as a single pdf file to allow greek letters and math symbols to be displayed. (updated 17 December 2004)

      Links to electronic forms of the color plates:
      color plate 1
      color plate 2
      Larger versions of cloud Plate 2:
      color plate 2a
      color plate 2b

      A web page devoted to the textbook: Global Atmospheric Circulations may also be of interest to those who visit this site.

  2. Selected Chapters in: Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences, edited by James R. Holton, John Pyle, and Judith A. Curry. Academic Press, 2002. (Note: at present these are uncorrected proofs in .pdf format)
  3. Selected papers in: Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, two special issues edited by R. Grotjahn. Elsevier, 2008. (Note: at present these are uncorrected proofs in .pdf format)

IV. General Information:

  1. Go to the welcome page for Richard Grotjahn.
  2. Go to the Atmospheric Science Program home page.
  3. You can send e-mail to me at my UCD account using:
    grotjahn 'at' ucdavis.edu .

V. Lecture Outlines - Study Guides for Winter 2000
Each guide page indicates the equired reading from the text Global Atmospheric Circulations.
Homework may be indicated below. Generally, it is due a week after being assigned.

Lecture Study Guides:

#1   Introduction and deductions   6 January 2000

#2   Land/Ocean and Radiation (part I)   11 January 2000

#3   Radiation (part II) and "Glass Slab" Radiative Balance   13 January 2000   HW #1 due.

#4   Meridional Heat Transport, [T], and Radiative Balance Model   18 January 2000

#5   Radiative Convective Model, [u], [v], and [w]   20 January 2000   HW #2 due.

#6   Hadley Updrafts, Angular momentum conservation #1, Pressure & [Z]   25 January 2000

#7   Clouds & Moisture; Momentum budgeting   27 January 2000

#8   Momentum maintenance; Momentum fluxes   1 February 2000

#9   Momentum viewed from the [KE] equation (part 1)   3 February 2000

#10   Momentum viewed from the [KE] equation (part 2); Summary   8 February 2000
(Note: please see the Summary of Momentum Cycle web page.

  Midterm Exam   10 February 2000

#11   Introduction to APE   15 February 2000

#12   Global and limited volume APE   17 February 2000

#13   Baroclinic conversion: closed domain and QG simplification   22 February 2000

#14   CA and CK conversions, energy box diagrams, summary   24 February 2000
(Note: please see the Summary of Energy Flow web page.

#15   Zonal variations in: radiation, T, V (including jets)   29 February 2000

#16   Zonal variations in: P, moisture, momentum & heat fluxes, storm tracks, Asian monsoon momentum   2 March 2000

#17   Kuo-Eliassen equation (mean meridional cells)   7 March 2000

#18   Eddy life cycles and their interaction with the mean flow (jet stream maxima)   9 March 2000

#19   Review: Energetics, Eddy-Mean flow interactions, Application to satellite imagery   14 March 2000

Final Exam   2008 exam as pdf -- To be posted


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